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Thursday, September 10, 2009


It has come to my attention in the last week or so that I am lame (I doubt this is news to any of you). Those of you that have been following me on Twitter may have noted my recent obsession with chicken salad subs from Rubino's in Webster, NY ( They are incredibly good and after today, I realized that in comparison to other chicken salad subs that I have had before, the ones from Rubino's are actually relatively healthy.

... but back to my lameness...

It turns out that Rubino's is something of an institution here in Webster and when I mentioned to a couple of co-workers that I "discovered" it last week they looked at me and said, "you've worked in Webster for how long?"

"7 years...", I sheepishly replied.

"... and you're just now "discovering" Rubino's?" and then they give me that look that just has LAME written all over it!

So I'm sitting here now trying not to think of the last 7 years that I missed out on having such good food... *cry*

Yeah... I really need to get over it.

... anyway...

To finish my point from earlier... I can honestly say that the subs I've been getting there are relatively healthy simply because I got to watch them make the chicken salad. You can't get much fresher that than. The lady making my sub explained that they only make a bit at a time so that it's always fresh. How cool is that. Combine that with the bread that was baked that morning and I pretty much know exactly what went into making it and having that kind of knowledge lends itself to much healthier eating choices. Some of you may be wondering how it can be healthy given the mayo... well, watching them make it I was able to see that they used only enough to bind the ingredients together and not so much that it is mushy or overpowers the taste of the chicken or the onions, celery, and spice.


1 comment:

LynnieBee said...

I'm on a quest for the perfect chicken salad sub ;) Hsve yet to find a decent one in the 'Cuse. There was a place near my old place on Gold Street that made awesome chicken salad subs..wish I could remember the name of it!