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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Worst Baby Names EVER!

Trolling through the newspaper the other day I found myself browsing through the birth announcements section. I came across the usual mix of normal, stupid and just plain made up names.

Example: Aryn... ok, seriously?? Come on, people! It's spelled Erin or Aaron... THERE IS NO "Y"!!

Then I found it... the WORST name I have ever seen. Ready for this one?? I'll give you the first name and then the middle...

Elevation is'Lord

Yep... that's it. First name "Elevation"... Middle name "is'Lord". (might as well be My'parents Are'stupid)

Listen, I don't really care if you're religious... no really, I don't care. But, please! "Elevation is'Lord" is NOT A FUCKING NAME! It's statement... and a grammatically incorrect one at that.

Lesson for today: Purposefully misspelling and outright making up names for your new baby DOESN'T make you clever... it makes you a MORON and your children will hate you for it when they get older!

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