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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Good Deeds

Shopping on Sunday nights is usually a spectacularly uneventful activity. Tonight was different. When I arrived at Wegmans I found that the parking space that I wanted was occupied by a shopping cart. It was at the top of the space so I figured I might have enough room. I was mistaken and was just about to stop, get out and move it when a woman walking by stopped and pulled the cart out of the spot saving me the trouble. I waved thank you, parked, and went in to do my shopping.

When I was finished and leaving the store I heard someone calling after me. I turned to find a young woman, probably 17 or 18 years old, running up to me holding out a package of tortillas that had fallen out of my cart on the way out. Again I thanked her and continued on to my car to leave.

As I was unpacking my cart into my trunk I thought more and more about these two simple gestures. Simple acts of kindness. You might be sitting there thinking that doing things like these are just common sense and common courtesy... but is it really? More often than not I've witnessed people forgoing chances like these to lend a hand. I sounds corny, but moments like these give me hope that I'm not raising my kids in an increasingly uncaring world. It's moments like these that prove that there are still people out there willing to step up and be an active participant in the human race.

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