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Thursday, December 20, 2007

5 People Who Ruin Christmas...

  1. Toy Scalpers...You know them. They're the ass-monkeys that wait outside Target and Toys'r'us at 3 in the morning, buy 3 Nintendo Wii's for $250 ea and then turn around and put them all up on eBay for $500 ea. Each year its a different toy, but its the same situation....You people are assholes and you just make it harder for parents to get their kids something nice for the holidays. KNOCK IT OFF!

  2. People who pay grossly inflated prices for toys from the above mentioned asshole toy scalpers. Not only are you perpetuating the problem and feeding into the machine, you're also a flaming moron. Why in God's name would you pay 200% over the retail price for something when all you have to do is wait a month and just buy it for regular price? Are you really that afraid of your child's reaction to not receiving the toy on Christmas day? Suck it up and face up to the fact that it is insane to do this over a TOY! I wanted to get my daughter a TMX Elmo last year. I looked around to see if I could pick one up, but alas they were sold out wherever we went. I really wasn't interested in getting up at 3 AM to fight the crowd at Toys'r'us to MAYBE get one. I waited until after Christmas and bought one on sale for $30. I'm glad I waited because as much as she liked it at first...she hasn't played with it in a few months.

  3. The PC idiots that have taken all the Christmas out of Christmas. Can't wish anyone "Merry Christmas" any more...have to say "Happy Holidays". Can't sing even semi-religious Christmas carols in school recitals anymore...might be offensive. How is beautiful music offensive? Just because someone is singing "Holy Night" doesn't mean they're trying to convert you. We can barely have Santa anymore, though I think that they're working on getting rid of him as well. I ask you this...why can't we appreciate other religions? Why do we all find any religion but our own so offensive? Why do we all feel so threatened that we have to keep everything so white-washed and non-offensive? I swear, people hear the word "religion" and they freak out! Come on! Live a little, people! There's a big world out there and there are a lot of different people in it.

  4. The fundamentalist idiots that want to shove Jesus down my throat every year. Do you really believe that Jesus, if he were alive today, would want us celebrating his birth by standing on a street corner yelling at passers by about how great he is? NO!!! He would want you to celebrate him by following his path. Feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, tend to the a good person and give a little of yourself. Spend time with your family and reflect on the gifts you have been given and how you can share them with the rest of the world. DUH! Oh, and by the way, Christmas and many of it's associated traditions have their roots in pagan rituals. These were adopted by the early church as a way to attract more followers.

  5. People that treat retail workers (and us regular people) like shit. There isn't much to say here. It's true that there are people that treat retail workers like shit year round, but during the holidays they really seem to turn it up a notch and then other people get in on it as well. I worked in a grocery store for 10 years. During those 10 years I didn't enjoy any of the holidays...not ONE! I was known as the "Christmas Ogre" and it was a moniker that I truly deserved. All of it because people somehow feel that it's ok to step on the people ringing up their groceries or stocking the shelves with the current toy dujour. Get over yourselves and live in the real world with the rest of us. I swear I'm going to kick the next person who doesn't say "thank you" when Erin (my 8+mos. pregnant wife) holds a door open for them.

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