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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Watch your Karma when in the drive-thru...

I went out to Taco Bell to fetch some dinner after the kids had gone to bed. In front of me in line was a soccer mom in an ugly maroon mini-van. I rolled down my window in anticipation of placing my order and I could hear the woman ahead of me badgering the poor girl working the drive up window.

"So what's in the 7 layer nachos... what's in the double decker burrito..."

On and on she went for a solid 10 minutes while the line of cars behind me was getting longer and longer. God bless the poor girl on the other end of the intercom because she kept her cool and was nice the whole time. Not surprising was the fact that when the woman finally ordered none of it was what she had quizzed the girl about.

I pulled up... the girl still being nice... placed my order and proceeded on to the pick up window only to find the woman in the minivan taking her time paying.

When I was finally able to pull up to the window I noticed that the amount on the little read out was different than the total I was originally given. Not really thinking much of it I handed the girl my card and she cashed me out. She went to hand me my food and all that was in the bag was a single hard taco. I protested and the girl asked me what I had ordered. When I told her all the blood drained from her face. She quickly turned around to the girl who was working the window with her...

"OH MY GOD! That woman just drove off with the wrong food!"

I stiffled a laugh. The girl turned quickly to me and informed me that she had only charged me for the taco she had tried to give me and was going to give me all of the food for just $1.50 and throw in cinnimon twists besides.

I drove home laughing... realizing that the woman who had played 20 questions with half the menu and then ordered none of it would be getting home to find my food... none of which was part of her order. I'm guessing her head probably exploded.

Karma is a bitch...

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