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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fuck Britney Spears!

Britney Spears, former husband reach child custody deal

Who the fuck cares?!? It just amazes me that people actually care about this kind of shit. Give me real news... you know, shit that might actually have some sort of affect on my life. I'm just thankful that it wasn't higher on the list than anything about Iraq, Afganistan and the upcoming presidential election. Then I really would have lost my mind.

I counted and out of the 20 top headlines on CNN today 3 of them were stories about celebrities having done something that normal people do everyday...
  • Angelina Jolie has left the hospital with her newborn twins (woo-fuckin'-hoo)
    • Don't get me wrong... I like her, she understands the principle of giving of yourself when you are blessed with a state of plenty... but for fuck sake why should anyone in this world outside of her family and friends give two shits?
  • Apparently Ed McMahon is suing someone over a neck injury... HEEEEEEEEREEEEES a NEW FLASH for you... who fucking cares!

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